Game breaking memory issue/ Lost connection

i can join any server fresh with no issue, however after playing on it building a base leveling etc and then logging off i am unable to ever join it again, when i try i starts loading before hanging and then kicking me back to main menu with a “lost connection to host” message. this has now happened on two seperate servers and is essentially game breaking. what’s the point of playing on a game that you have to restart fresh after every session. both servers ran smoothly with no Lag, and this is not an issue with my computer or my internet connection, only happens after playing on a server for any significant amount of time. my system meets and exceeds all requirements. this issue is with the game and i’ve seen it’s happened or happening to multiple people, and not yet been acknowledged by or responded to by anyone at funcom, so i’m putting it up again in hopes that it gets addressed.

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