Game bugged out, pet disappeared

I’ve seen some other disappearing pet stories, but this one seems different. I was harvesting wood with a shaleback along as a hauler. At some point the game bugged out and I could no longer see my character. It was sort of like I had switched to first person but the camera position and fov or perspective or something seemed slightly wrong. Actually hitting the key for the first person camera put me in a blank view that looked a little like the skybox with no other effects. Hitting the key again put me back in the bugged third-person view. Same thing with using the scroll wheel. I could still see my pet, and I didn’t want to leave him there, also I could still move although with the slightly off perspective as mentioned. I ran back to my keep and activated the pet, set him to guard, if I recall correctly he wasn’t actually visible in the place mode, so I just pointed at nearby ground and clicked and got the message that my pet was no longer following. I then logged out and back in, view was fixed, pet was nowhere to be found. I checked the places we had been working but he was not in any of them either. Now I can’t stop thinking that he is spawned somewhere out in the world wondering where I am :). Oh well, training another shaleback.

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