Game crash deleted character and base and locked me out of the rest of my camps!

Anyone else get a game crash and their character deleted upon reload? I pulled an all-nighter for some dumb reason. Was swapping performer clothes out when the game crashed. When I loaded back in, it forced me to the character creation screen. When I got back to my ‘base’ at noob river, it was gone. The outside crating were still there. My outside thralls were still there with ‘no owner’ and my satellite building around the map were intact, but locked against me. So basically a 40+ character with dozens of hours dicking around in the game is just poof*.
Am i the only one this happened too or has happened to? Maybe it was a sign from Mitra to go find another game! lol


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Welcome to the Forum. Are you playing on a official server? Offline Co-op or single-player?