Game crash due to instability leads to inventory wipe

Game mode: [Online] official
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [NA]

Game crashes due to heavy load and ejects me back to my XMB. Upon reloading the game and logging in, I find myself in the desert with no death marker and no armor or invantory.
The body vanishes right in front of my clan mates who were following behind me. There is no body. There is no death. There is no recovery of items.
This was a bug I had hoped had gone away. Turns out it still lives and in good health.

This is a critical bug!

Unsure how to reproduce. Just know that the game crashes randomly and upon my return all my â– â– â– â–  is gone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Had similar happen to me last night. Have no idea about heavy load but I was on the Black Hand Ship and had a crash to the desktop. I got back in and I wasn’t at the desert start but at my bed. No body. No death marker. Lost all my stuff again. Body retrieval in this game is about 50% if you are lucky.


I had this happen once when I ran into the ghostwall. My corpse wasn’t there when I went back but I was able to click around like a madman and found and invisible loot container with all my stuff in it.

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This isn’t a standard death/invisible body issue. This is a game crash issue.

When the game shuts down or crashes your character should drop where it’s standing and become “unconscious”. In this event, the game crashes and the character vanishes.
Upon logging back in there is no " you were killed by…" Message, there is no death marker, and you find yourself in the desert on the broken road. Should you return to the last location you were standing at the time of crash you will find nothing. Should you follow the path you were taking and or facing at time of crash, you will still find nothing. The crash erases your invantory and equipment.


Sorry, I wasn’t very Clear. I didn’t die I was Running near the Ghost Wall and the Game Crashed. When I re-loaded the game I was standing in the middle of the desert despite having an established bed that had already been used several times. Also, as you said the game did not display a cause of death either. I returned to the area where I had been running before and by spamming the button near where the game crashed I was able to access an invisible loot container that had all my stuff in it. It was almost inside the ghost wall, so I just assumed that I lagged into the wall and it ghosted me into oblivion but it doesn’t seem like that was the case.

It would seem that you also are a victim of this critical bug as well then.

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This happens to me on ps4 when I am away from my base to long 30mins come back go through 12 air lock gates get past the walls I put up open 10 gates to main building go through 40 doors to my workshop look at a chest BOOOOM crash 1 out of 4 times I spawn in the desert.

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Umm… damn bud. That’s quite the perimeter defences.

Understatment with the 400 plus thrallss in sl