Game crash - naked in the dessert

Game mode: Online official server #1036
Problem: Crash
Region: Europe

Game chrashm and when you finally get back in, you are not only killed, but spawned in the dessert.
No corpse, no nothing.

All equipment, warpaint, weapons, potions, food you name it… gone

I agreed to risk loosing my stuff to fellow players, when choosing a conflict servertype, but I am getting really fed up on loosing large chunks of progress because the game is this unstable…

Either FunCom steals my stuff (orbs) or s*** like this happens… That server went down yesterday, today + gamecrashes…

Everytime it is with fingers crossed that one tries to get back in to save ones character…

I will need to take several dungeons several times to be able to get back what I lost just now, and not to mention what have been lost since release.

Enough cosmetic fixes Funcom… I have read through the long list of fixes in your upcomming patch, and I must tell you… you prioritize completely wrong…
Who the F**** cares about menues and grass in the dessert, when the game is this unstable?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Be an idiot
  2. Play Conan
  3. Repeat