Game crash when try to start

When I press start game,the game suddenly crash,it starts just hours a go,what happened?

Did you just got newest Windows 10 update, 1903?
If so… theres you problem.

alas, anything new will be incompatible with this relic.
It has been said that if you join two potatoes together with some chicken wire and a straw the game plays perfectly.


Maybe - I’m running 1903 without issue, so it’s not a 100% thing :confused:

Welcome to Secret World Legends.

dunno, since last server restart ive crashed more times in past 3 days than i have in 2 years of playing this game ( swl that is ) … if it aint broke, we sure as hell will make sure it is, and yes ive done all nesc repairs, common problems are multi crashes during combat, CTD in when trying to log in … so just saying

Hopefully it won’t be like issue 6 and break the game for months while the head game dev mocks players who can’t play

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