Game crashed every time i quit or kicks without reason

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [kick from the game | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [eu]

Every time i quit the game and join again the game crash and kick me all time i try join around 20 times and kick me all of them one time i get raided and cant Def my home because the game kick me now after the update because i quit the game crashed again i have this problem 3 weeks now and i see on yt they have the same problem from the begin of the game 2 years now u cant fix it? When i buy the game they dont tell me the game is broken kick u every time u quit and join again plz do something or give me my money back jesus we love the game and we cant play it

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

If you’re crashing a lot on Xbox, try loading single player, offline, before loading into your game. Doing this before starting a session usually helps fix the crashing.

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Hello @xChilvarous, did Arsenalcontrol’s workaround help you out?

Are you on a wired or wireless connection to your XBOX?

Could you provide further information regarding the area where you’re trying to login, such as the amount of buildings, light sources and NPCs?

Should you be able to provide further information regarding the specific locations that lead to your game crashing, we’ll be able forward such data to our developers, which should help dealing with this matter.

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