Game crashes an i lose everything

Game mode: Online pvp
Problem: Crash
Region: sandward tower
my game will crash (blue screen) I log back on spawns me in the desert does not say that I die shows no death marker I go back to the exact spot I blue screened an nothing. Please fix your half assed game I cant keep losing silent legion to nothing. i crash everywhere also not just sandward tower


Believe me, you’re not alone in this bud: i have lost all my inventory so many times because of this crash that i’ve lost the count…
It’s a saving system bug of some sort. The game crashes and you have to close the app; then you log back and spawn in the desert without inventory and will have no body to retrieve it back; also sometimes you can see the death icon placed in the highlands under the aqueduct north but off course there’s none there because it’s a stupid glitch too. I still hope for someone to fix those annoying bugs before i get too old to keep playing…

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Thats CE for ya, pop back in a month or two, it will be fixed, hopefully.

Do you really crash that often? I’ve never crashed in this game before. Are you sure it’s not something on your end?

Yes, i do and yes, i’m sure. It is obviously a matter of optmization of the game for consoles: i play it in my PS4 Slim and sometimes (enough to get me angry) when i’m running nearby large bases or enemy camps such as Black Hand main camp (the stone ship) it crashes and i lose all stuff most of the times. The big deal is that we need to go inside large enemy sites if we hope for better trhalls and loot so…

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