Game Crashes - PC ZoneUE4 issue

Bought the game 2 days ago. Searched for about 2-3 hours to try to find a fix. My game crashes after the first 2 areas, when trying to load “outskirts of ark”. I can start a new game and play through the first 2 areas, but it always crashes.

I’ve tried other fixes like removing the movies from the folder, lowering graphics settings, changing the resolution. It still crashes.

I really want to play this game and not have to ask for a refund. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forums @hudds4535!

Which digital storefront are you using ( Steam, Epic, Windows Store )?

Could you also share your computer specs and graphics driver version with us?

Have you tried running the game in windowed mode?

I’m having the same problem I just got it through XBOX GamePass was excited to play on the PC, I can get past 'Press a button" and then it goes to “Signing in” and crashes.

brand new install tried running as admin, rebooting, updating windows, re-install the game all the same issue.

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