Game crashes randomly with Fatal Error

I have over 400 hours in game, it’s never been this bad before.
Game crashes occur randomly, sometimes after 1 hour, sometimes 5 minutes into the game. There seems to be no pattern to it. I can be idle, or out killing in the field and the game just shuts down, with the white popup screen that says UE4 Fatal Error! No additional info provided, which seems strange. It gives me the option of reporting the crash, I have done it maybe 5-6 times now. This happens with and without running mods on the server I am renting. I tried verifying the files in Steam, didn’t help.

try to set the grass quality on lowest… for me it works ( at the moment)

Tried that also, still crashes randomly :confused:

:confused: i got the crashes after the last hotfix…so i have no idea sry :confused:

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