Game Crashes When Removing Buildings

I have filled in many game crash reports as they appear after the game closes on me.

When I’m removing walls or foundations, and more often when there are others walls about to collapse as I remove the lower one, my game will crash as the particle animations kick in. It doesn’t happen every time, maybe once per 200 dismantles. Other players standing near me at the time of the collapse have also had their game crash on them too.

Its not that they were large buildings, only 2 or 3 stories high, at max it will have been two walls and a roof piece falling.

This is on a Testlive Server

I played a week in normal server with 0 crashes and id say less problems than my friends. Today i wanted to test Testlive and installed it and played for hour or two with 2 crashes. I tought that “oh well… aint looking promising” and went ahead and installed normal version back and went to play and vola, the crashes that never happened before, followed me to normal server also… i uninstalled the whole game now and installing it fresh again. Was kinda disapointing to think that that version is about to hit out soon. Filled my crash reports ofc but i didnt do anything spesific in all the times it crashed now.

Not trying to hijack your thread but just saying, random crashes seems to happen.

I’ve had random crashes too in both versions but the relationship with dismantling building pieces, particle affects and crashes is a real thing. I have had over 30 crashes in the past two weeks, every time its when I am removing walls and foundations, I hear the crash noise, particles start to scatter and the game crashes.