Game Crashes with Fatal Error upon start up

Game mode: Any game mode
Game type: Any game type

Once I start the game from the launcher I get a fatal error and the option to send in a bug report. If I ignore the error window the game starts up just fine and I can play for about fifteen minutes before the error window closes on its own and the game subsequently crashes.

Here is a link to a discussion that also contains links to several others that all relate to this issue:
Old issue continues to plague players - PC Discussion / PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

Greetings Bobadi!
Thank you for sharing your report with us.

Situations like yours may require you to verify the files of your game in order to restore its functions.
If this doesn’t work, we suggest that you reinstall steam, which has proven to be a viable solution in fixing these launcher crashes for some players.

Hope we were able to assist you!

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