Game Crashing on Level up screen

Im experiencing repeated game freezes necessitating a pc reboot if I enter the level up screen from The House of Bones area. Ive Updated video drivers and lowered anti aliasing to no effect. Game stutters to a halt and cannot be closed, nor can I exit to the desktop. Any Ideas?

I am having the exact same problem. I have to hard reset my pc as well if I go into the inventory screen.

Are you referring to the skills/mutations screen? Also what processor and GFX crad are you using?


Yes, I am. Cpu is amdfx 8350 and gpu is nvidia gtx 960.


same troubles here but its fixed…
Disable Tutorial in option setup,
and all will work fine.

Good game.

I also have the same problem. It crash when i want to level up the duck

I’m seeing it more frequently in the Inventory section than level up, though sometime it happens when I go to the character screen. Also, it doesn’t happen everywhere. One area I’m finding it happen consistently is the bunker underneath the church for that main quest line. Sometimes, if I open up, I can swap one weapon before the hand starts but then it’s caput and I have to force close the app.

A little frustrating, but a great game, though!

Computer Specs
Video card is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
Secondary video car is an old as hell Radeon HD 6450 (I don’t use this to display the game)
AMD FX-8350 Eight -Core Processor, 4.01 GHz
24 GB of RAM.