Game Crashing on Login Screen

Just bought and installed the game but I can’t play.

The game crashes immediately when reaching the login screen after the intro cinematics. I updated my graphic drivers (Nvidia Geforce GTX 760) but it did not help.

My guess is this is some memory related issue as I get an error message along the lines of: “the instruction at 0xfd511b54 uses memory address 0x00000000. The memory can’t be in written state.”

My RAM is 8 Go and I have space left on my HD and of course I do not get this error message with any other game or app. Any idea what I should try?

Hi there,

This seems a little more unique that other crashes that we currently know about. Can you please email in at so that we can more directly assist you? Thanks!

Thanks for the reply Mashmellow.
I’d love to contact you by email but there is no such option available to me on the page you linked, only forums and Twitter. :open_mouth:

@Charivari Ah sorry. I forgot to mention that the email support is towards the bottom of the page. You have to scroll down a little bit to reach the email section.

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