Game dashboards when trying to load into servers

Game mode: *Online official
Type of issue: crash
Server type: PvP
Region: *eu
Hardware: series S

Bug Description:

Game crashes to dashboard while trying to log into servers

Expected Behavior:

For this not to happen?

Steps to Reproduce:

Try to log into servers


I’ve been having the same issues which have been reported on this forum.

Yeah you have to restart your Xbox every time you want to play now

i restarted my xbox twice now aswell as a hard reset and i cant get in.
i did notice that if you look at the loading bar it go’s about half then it resets twice before dashboarding me i try’d getting in for over an hour …
the only way i got in was making a friend of mine log in and join that way
i work with an xbox one x
i am not the only one out of my clan that has this issieu ether
the other ppl that have the problem have mixed hardware like xbox one s and x
can you recreate this issieu very easely i would say… :
step 1: start game
step 2: go onine pvp server 2101 EU
step 3: load in
after that it dos the weird glitchy load bar that resets half way twice and dashboards

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You should report server issues here;

Good Luck!

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This is not a single server issue, it seems all servers (but not all players) are affected, no matter if official or private (Here are a lot of similar threads meanwhile). Have no idea what can cause this, as I can not remember a new patch has been rolled out…

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I fully understand. A similar issue has also rendered all but two of the PlayStation PvE-C servers completely unjoinable, and currently PC is also experiencing widespread connection issues. I haven’t been able to test on the Xbox PvP server I am on yet but I will later.

Here is the thread I started nearly 4 months ago discussing the PlayStation issue;

Unfortunately the issue started nearly 6 months before that. It has still not been addressed, although they are working on it.

Zendesk report is the first step. I would advise you all to include technical details in any of your future posts:

  • Console Model Number
  • Time of attempted connection
  • Server numbers
  • Wifi/LAN

This will make it easier for the devs to reproduce the issue on their test server.

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@Community I think you might need to look into this.

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Everyone is having the issue and with the 7 day counter going they are going to have a mass exodus if they don’t get it fixed soon. I have a series x and it will crash on one specific official server ( lol my main ) but then allow me to access other official servers with no issues.

Same with me, d4, on official #2509. I got into #2508, but I don’t play on that one. I notice today that all the servers are showing 0/40.

The only expert answer here was to report it to zendesk…
Just saw some one opened a bug to this and this was prompt closed with the hint to the rules.

It is a bit weired when a lot of people report similar issues and instead a “we know about and look into it” every single person should make a report ?

I am working in IT services and provide applications to the people. When I get a ticket that several people cannot login and I dare to ask every one for a screenshot, logs, etc pp they will hang me up in shortest time and escalating this to an higher official. Those situation demand to say : We look into our application & network if all is fine… at least that customers can expect.
Sorry, this is a really weak performance from your customer service, FC.

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This is so ridiculous. As if the servers aren’t laggy enough, now it dashboards 9/10 times when trying to login. It still amazes me that Funcom can manage to make a game like DayZ on Xbox look absolutely POLISHED in comparison; that is quite an impressive feat.

One reason I can think to ask people to report a known issue is if the root of the problem hasn’t been identified a new report from a different point of view may give the developers the clue they are missing to understand what is causing the bug

I don’t know that this is the case in this situation but it is one useful thing you can get from nearly duplicate bug reports


I’ll take that as a compliment, but I’m just an ordinary player just like you.

You should be aware that companies tend to have a protocol they follow when customers have an issue. In this case it is primarily in the form of zendesk reports.

The problem is there are maybe 10 different topics on this issue, and it will be difficult for anyone to collate that information.
Therefore if everyone posts technical details in zendesk reports the devs will have a much easier time pinpointing the issue.

I really do hope they figure out what is going on soon, but at the moment the best option is to make detailed reports with all relevant technical details as I mentioned earlier.

I agree there should be an official statement on the status of this issue, and I have tagged @Community in multiple topics, but just because they have not responded it doesn’t mean they are not working on it.

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Thanks for tagging us. In order to understand more about the issue, we ask that everyone experiencing it shares with us some further details:

  • Which Xbox model do you have?
  • Do you have your game installed on an SSD or HDD?
  • Is the console stable playing other demanding games?
  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating while playing Conan Exiles?
  • Which is the number of the server you’re trying to access?

Thanks in advance.

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I will give you some important details about this issue on xbox Maya. Hardware: Xbox S series 1- This problem started all of a sudden, I played conan exiles from the release of isle of siptah to the console and I NEVER had this problem, I always had a large base with many NPCs. 2-This issue is general for all players from all regions and all Xbox! It is important for developers to know that this occurs on Xbox one fat, one s, one x, Serie s and Serie x 3-Let’s get to the problem, you start the game, choose your PvP or PvE server and try to enter, on the second loading screen the game closes and goes back to the xbox menu (The character doesn’t show up) Detail, it’s always on the second loading screen , it loads the first bar without problems, and in the second half the problem occurs. Well, I hope this helps you find out the cause of this unwanted problem on xbox, sometimes I can log into my server first, and sometimes I have to make more than 5 attempts in a row. :frowning:

This has been an ongoing issue for over a week now and Funcom’s official response is…basically silence. This is laughably bad. It is a freaking CHORE just to play this game. The constant server issues, the crashing, the dashboarding, the cheating and undermeshing, the glitches…and somehow, amazingly, it seems to get worse and worse.


The official response is above, and so far no one has responded to it.

Simply provide the technical information requested.

When the devs look for details to reproduce the issue on their test server, they will not have anything sufficient to work on. Seriously… :man_facepalming:

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No overheating
No other game i own does this. I only bought 1 FC title…
Can log on with one toon, cannot with main character to refresh
Pvec 2506.

What a vacation!

Edit. If i am correct, i have about 80 hours until 2 + years worth of CE decays…about 75 hours left for me to log in now.

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It would be more benificial to everyone, FC and the players, if FC performed complete tests, BEFORE RELEASING PATCHES, then we wouldnt have to be unwilling participants in an on going neverending test of new bugs…dont growl the guy. Hes suffering the same as the rest of us. Lets try to not make it worse for each other.

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