Game dead on consoles

Yes we were on early morning and midday alot more yesterday evening


15 on all at once or just total on the server? If it’s 15 total people on one server to most standards that’s somewhat dead.

Not dead. All at once. You seem to look for trouble. Guess what keep on looking. You really need a time out.

No I’m just genuinely curious what people think is a populated server.

Don’t tease me with a good time

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You and I can have a great time together :heart: why not


Now Bryan you just recently got the Sorcery you had been clamoring for years. And in less than a few weeks you are going to receive the Golems which you have also been requesting for years. You are doing an awful lot of bellyaching for someone who just got 2 items checked off on his request list.


For interest, these stats include overall per day globally as in how are timezones brought in?

I imagine some fans may work and therefore only login outside of that. Or on weekends only. Or for an hour in the afternoon to link up with others from same college. Or well outside their normal time so they can do intercontinental battle with some feral clan operating out of some place the other side of the planet.

Personally, I couldn’t care less. I play whenever I want, which has been daily for however much time since the game came out. I see some people on my server choice that I know. Some are regulars and some are not. Sometimes there are a lot and then some move on.

I do know that in the mornings I can see, via steam, and clicking on the sort descending button, that there are a lot of players on the USA servers. Stats are shapeable and therefore a little messy depending on how you look. All about perspective.

My policy? Just enjoy the game. A player may be a catalyst bringing more players to their preferred server (or to drive them away). If someone doesn’t like a game, move on, there are a Lot (games) out there. I do remind myself though that, no matter a persons motivation, their opinions are important and that it is me who decides whether to take them on board or not.


To be entirely fair, this one has had a bit of difficulty finding active PvP Officials. Certainly down from the halcyon days.
Some have a stable population… Of bubble refreshers.
It’s made this one’s Play Twing Twang run a bit challenging, will be expanding the run another month.

That said, there are several PvE and PvE-C privates this one has found with a dozen or so other players at a go.

Certainly the volume and intensity of kerfluffles at the beginning of 3.0 did a number on the nerves of many. If they left not to return, who could really blame them?
Anecdotally, it seems like the edd and flow of players (with update zeniths and between content nadirs) has a receding quality to it. But that’s just anecdote and others’ experiences will vary.

On the topic of multiplayer participation…
Who wants to group to roll the main event when the new Chapter drops? Is it a group event? Can we bring clan mates, ect? Please say it isn’t a solo instance…

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Hoping not. Was planning to hit up @Coyote0903 to see if he wanted to join in on it.


Nah. There are just different controller options. If there was cross-play then the population would look that much bigger. About the mods on console, I think non-modded clients with a modded server is desirable.

The radial menu could be expanded to be quite unfair to pc users. I hope it isn’t, and it’s just polish on scarcity.

Personally, I feel that “could be expanded” is a “must be expanded” for status quo, asap. Don’t want anybody to say that the radial menu design is copy bait.

Low hanging fruit? I’m not much of a fruitopian.

Room to expand means it is not dead. Time to polish.

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I played the game somewhat religiously (as you do due to the nature of the game) back in 2019 when it was released on PS Plus. Had a great (and terrible, again, as you do) time on an official PvP server with a few friends. Ultimately the first time we left it was because of a “massive” conflict that ended up occurring when a group came in to wipe out the alphas at the time, alphas which we had spent time building up a sort of uneasy coexistence with. They were effectively streamrolled overnight, which was kinda sad but also kinda funny. We came back to the game in ~early 2021 (again, official PvP, I know I know, “why would you subject yourself to that?”), had some fun, but ended up leaving again due to shifting life conditions and general disinterest.

Personally the main things holding me back from getting invested in the game again (online or offline) are:

  1. The lack of a PS5 version. 30 FPS with drops (+ server lag + general game jank) is unacceptable in 2023. I don’t know if Funcom just isn’t interested/capable of in investing in a PS5 version or if there’s some conflict going on with Sony or what, but the state of this game on PS is miserable. Considering they’re still asking for money from PS users despite offering a completely inferior experience is kinda scummy, all things considered.

  2. The natural state of PvP officials due to the offense-favored (+ numbers) raiding mechanics as well as the diehard community that has cultivated around them. It’s basically impossible to care about official PvP servers unless you treat it as a full time job and you have several other people ready to treat it as such. So only those types of people thrive in there. There is no place for a casual experience in official PvP servers, which would be fine, but…

  3. The barrier to entry to enjoying a private server experience is insane on all fronts. No server descriptions in the browser to get a feel how the admins are, no form of ingame global chat to connect with people, relatively high cost to rent your own server (not to mention the value proposition is even more absurd considering the state of the game on PS), and quite frankly there are just so many garbage (and dead) servers in the list that the idea of finding that perfect sever is completely off-putting.

I’ve been orbiting Conan Exiles ever since I fell in love with it in 2019, but I’ve been disappointed time and time again to see that Funcom just never made the strides necessary to drag it out of the gutter and clean it up to the point where it could’ve seen mainstream success. The foundation for greatness is there, but they squandered every opportunity to actually improve the experience in any way that would not just attract new players, but keep them around long enough for the overall community to grow. It’s a shame.

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Let’s fix a moto then…
If i got one crom coin for every thread the game is dead… :rofl:
Omg, here we go again!


I wonder just how some people have so much time on the hand to keep it up. There are obvious reasons, but… um. It’s still a lot of work!

I’ve seen 40+ clans, and getting people on a server is easy for them as they use discord. Not dead yet.

Pvp is a young person’s game in the long run. Those of us with families can’t do it. It’s one of the reasons I left the PvP world. It’s just not worth the hassle of day in and day out constantly assessing the next threats. Give me a battle royale any day. 15 minutes games and everyone starts off the same? Much more doable.


It’s not dead, but among the survival genre it’s one of the least populated games on the market despite arguably having the most potential. It’s certainly not thriving.

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Being how survival games are alike in some aspects, one thrives to be for adult content (e.g. nudity dlc). If we allow anybody to import images and animations, eventually we’ll find the other kind of adult content. Keeping that clean is a burden. If there was a bot to do it, it might make it to official. (yep, turning mods into bots).

I didn’t like the original trailer. It didn’t represent the game well. I wouldn’t even touch it based upon the original. When it live on ps4, that’s when I saw it was an entirely different game than advertised. I feel others have been through such an impression.

I think you’re fundamentally misunderstanding what erjoh’s talking about. It’s not about adult/18+ content, it’s about time. People with a greater number of obligations in life simply do not have the time to keep up with the daily 5 hour raids on official servers. Some might, but only on certain days, in which case they need to have people rotate in to make sure they aren’t wiped instantly, which is how my old server’s alpha was (before they were wiped out one night because of their disorganization). Others might simply ignore said obligations, but I feel that such people aren’t exactly prime candidates for attracting and fostering a healthy and positive community.

As it stands, there is no organic casual (in the loosest sense of the word) PvP experience that also includes base raids (which is important as the ability and near-inevitability of losing everything you worked for is an integral part of the Conan experience in my opinion). You either embrace the sheer anarchy of officials or subject yourself to the whims of one of what feels like 10 active server admins.

It’s not great.


Exactly. If I have to sacrifice my RL for my entertainment, there is a problem with that.


I agree it’s about time. I’ve said that before in another thread. I’m not trying to obfuscate another narrative. Base raids could be heavily expanded upon, yes. (I watch the time as people raid.)

Small wonder as they are an unmitigated mess and embarrassment at this point. They have been reduced to a mere shell of their past potential.