Game deletes itself every so often

I have an original Xbox One. My issue has been ongoing for about 6 months.

At least once per week, my game will not start. When this happens I reset my Xbox. After the reset, I launch Conan and it appears in my updating queue. After a minute or so the game is no longer installed.

I have to download and re-install 90 gigabytes every WEEK. I’m being charged an overage fee from my internet service provider.

Please provide an install disc for me so I won’t go over my data limit!


Good god, this is so cringe.
…And it’s even worse to know that support will probably run you around in circles until you give up.

OP didn’t ask them to pay for it, just to solve the issue of having to redownload.
Have a little empathy, dude.


Please tell me you don’t work for Funcom

Internet are widely different in different countries. Hard to judge on face value…

Also “change provider” is a stupid fix for a game that deletes itself every week. Fix the core problem.


Small studios don’t put games on a disc for a reason it’s very pricy.

As for you having to keep reinstalling how is this FC problem? It sounds like an isolated issue pertaining to your Xbox… Does your system logs show any type of error messages as to why it doesn’t boot?

Of course @drachenfeles is a Funcom employee, he is their carpenter :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway, I do not think my friend you 'll get what you ask here. Still if I may suggest you something that comes from my personal experience, is to go online. 18 months ago, in ps4, the game started to crush a lot. For a reason that I cannot explain, I decided (just before I quit) to go online and my crush problems solved. I don’t know how, I am just a plumber :joy::joy::joy:, but the game started run beautifully. Good luck my friend and welcome to the forum :wink:.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you m8, I really needed this one, omg 3 mins and I still laugh :+1:.

It’s the only game that constantly crashes, doesn’t start, and reinstalls itself. Every other game works fine. It’s not the Xbox.

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What do you mean “go online”? Did you switch from PS4 to PC version?

you cancelled halfway through an update. Completely uninstall and reinstall. Hope it helps. Been there.

No, I just started to play on servers, official and private servers. Every beginner I suppose plays solo for awhile until he-she goes to play on servers. At least this is what I do, to learn the buttons you understand :joy::joy::joy:, after some weeks playing solo and start crushing, I decided to play on servers with other people. By miracle, or there is a reason I don’t understand :wink:, the game stopped crashing and even when I learned the game and started to play solo barbaric mode, it didn’t crush so often, about once the week and after to many hours.
Now, to be honest if you try to go online official, at the beginning you will be disappointed a little.
1st, you won’t know where to play
2nd, in pve servers maybe you will find persons that want to build all the map :joy::joy::joy:, plus 100 pets all around causing dreadful lags
3rd persons that troll in this game by surrounding your builds just for fun.
To find a proper server to play you will have to search a little, but I guarantee you that when you find it you will have a really great gaming experience. One last thing, try to find a server on your region, because if you won’t, maybe you will never see a purge. For example I am Greek and I play in a server that it has New York time schedule, so if I want a purge I will have to stay awake from 3 am until 6 dawn, nusty business :pensive:.

What type of disc holds more than 15.9GB? :thinking:

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Go to gamestop? That’s where I got my disk. Then I moved to PC…

I hate to tell you all this, but a disc isn’t going to contain all the newer content. You’ll have a 40GB install followed by a 60GB+ update either way.

If you’ve hit your data cap, you probably have a data plan that isn’t conducive to playing Conan Exiles.

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While he is at it, he should also buy a gaming PC instead. And also learn how to mod, so he can fix the game himself, at least the things that aren’t hardcoded into the game. Maybe get a job at funcom too, secretly make his own build with bugfixes and play that one instead.

I know that OPs request is absurd, but this solution is not very farm from it either :rofl:

Is this legit? Who is Maximum Games? I can’t find any info tied to them and FunCom but their name is on the box. Not even their wiki has FC nor Conan mentioned.

Also depending on where one lives changing providers may not even be an option.

You do realize he/she’s not crying because they had to download the game once and pay for data when playing?

faq the paying for data part, I would cry if I had to redownload the game every week

If I knowingly had data caps on my internet I would be the dummy for re-downloading the game over and over. I understand the frustration but I cant give sympathy for common sense. This game isnt worth real life financial struggles.

Its just a game.