Game engine load issues

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Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: US
The game engine is have serious issues running properly. There have been more texture loading issues especially since the last update. The physics engine also fails causing player hair and armor that would normally flow in the wind to become static. When killing human enemies they will disappear for anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds before reappearing with battle damage i.e. dismemberment and in the dead state. Furthermore fishing traps both for shellfish and normal fish stop working after one fill. These are all issues im currently experiencing in the single player mode. There is one more big issue, players i invite to play in my world cannot use ranged weapons. They won’t fire for they no matter what kind it is i.e. spear, axe, bow and arrow. Im hoping you can work on these problems that may or may not exist solely in the single player mode. Thanks and please get back to me soon.

Repro steps:

Yes the texture loading problems seem to happen more often. The graphics look horrible sometimes and most “Human” dead body’s dissapear to fast.