Game force to Buy siptah DLC all over again each time u join servers

Game mode: Joining siptah
Type of issue: ???
Server type: Siptah
Region: Europe

Not each time but most time i try to join any siptah servers, Game itself forces me to buy again DLC of siptah, even opens siptah steam site and add it to my chart… And kicks me from server if i refuse… I mean wtf i have all DLC s ,. but game itself does not see, it see it only after like 3 more times rejoining server… but even then still opens and add to chart siptah dlc… then refuse and so on ( this started after last patch…)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

can you verify on steam ( in your library ) , select conan , and then in the middle section scroll down untill you see DLC in the right part , there is a " manage my # dlc’s" button , click on it and verify that the sitpah dlc is ticked

all is instaled, just last update says i dont have the game , but i still gets in server only sometime it kicks me…

Hey @NeoTheMatrix

Could you try to verify the integrity of your game installation files and let us know if that gets rid of your issue?

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The game has always had problems with overwriting the ini file. It looks like you either have this file overwritten every time without saving the DLC state or this file is Read Only (often players set this attribute after self-configuration so that the game does not destroy their settings) and the game cannot save the state of your DLC. Check the file attributes of the DefaultGame.ini(I’m not sure about the exact name, it has been too long since I had a similar problem and I no longer remember which file contains the list of purchased DLC)

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