Game Freeze, placeable objects Not shown

I am experiencing a Lot of Game freezings, when i load back in again, my Workbenches, fridges, torches, etc. are gone . In this time period the expire counters for food ,eggs ,NPCs etc. Are Not running could it be some sort of Log in failure ?
Sometimes when my placeable objects are Not shown it is helpfull to move Up, i have build a tower for this , 90 Blocks high is enough to let the House below disaper, when i move down my stuff mostly 65% ca. Is loading in again.
So a Problem with the Cache?
Hope you fix this soon, nearly unplayebale and Not joy or fun at all…

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share more information, please?

  • Is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

  • Do you have similar issues playing Conan Exiles in single-player mode?

  • Do you experience similar issues playing other PS4 games online?

Please ensure that your console is on a wired connection to improve overall stability. You may also try to disable Boost mode on your PS4 and change the resolution to 720p in the video output settings.

If possible, consider installing the game to an external HDD/SSD as it helps with loading times and stutters as well.

Hi, I would like to contribute with this report. I have exactly same problem and more with the game on my PS4. Yes, There is a good Wired conection, the game is installed on a external HD, low graphic mode, performance mode settings applied, and no, I don’t have the same problem with other games… Here is a brief demo of my frustrating daily experience with the game:

I love the game, really hope you fix It in next update once and for all.

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Oh god, that’s tough. I have stuttering on my PS4 from time to time, but never as sever as this. And I play on wireless connection on quality mode.


Thank you for your information and video @L-C0ST4-AP, we will make sure to share it with our team.

When you finish playing do you usually exit the game through the main menu or do you leave it on standby?

We appreciate your assistance in this investigation.


Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3011

Bug Description:

Every day I enter the game, and every day my game freezes, or disconnects, or disconnects and the blue error screen appears, this happens several times during the time I’m playing, this is frustrating, it takes away any desire to play or get back into the game, because it happens all the time. I would like you to check what’s going on, because it’s not normal to always be releasing new content when the old one is full of bugs,
I hope they solve it and that they answer me, since it seems that they ignore the community, thank you

Bug Reproduction:

Just keep freezing and disconnect


Not making any promises but if your game starts getting buggy put down a bedroll take a nap logout and back. I realize it a work around not a fix but it helps. @OrigensPT


I always close the application through the ps4 shortcut.

Thanks for your reply.

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