Game Freeze + Server Crash after exiting Dregs entry point

Online official
Oceania 1950

The game has frozen twice on me now in a couple of days, the fisrt time I wasn’t sure if it was my actions, but the second time I realised this could be a bug.
Basically I went to the dregs to harvest the lizards there and after exiting the entrance at exactly the same spot 1/2 way down the stairs the game freezes… exe is not responding so I kill process.
This time when I relogged back in about 60 seconds later the server crashed, and I think it did it last time.

  1. Enter the Dregs on foot with Chimerian Berzerker Follower
  2. Kill and harvest with pickaxe the 9 lizards in first area of pools
  3. Leave the dregs through the entry point
  4. Run down the left (northern) hand side of stairs
  5. Game freezes - exe not responsive
  6. Kill process
  7. Re log in

Hope this helps.

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