Game freeze when opening the Inventory



Also having crash-issues when alt-tabing and in the cut-scene when reading Hammonds notes.

Inter i7 930 2.8Ghz 8 core
12 Gb ram
Geforce GTX 1050 Ti


processor AMD fx 6100
16 gb ram
geforce gtx 1050 ti

when I enter the open inventory my game crashes and fps goes to 0 and the game crash afterwards.
Every time you enter the inventory happens that.


8370 here w/ a 1080 for gfx.
Verifying cache seems to resolve it temporarily, but after 30 mins to an hour it comes back.


Same problem here. Running on a FX-8150. Everytime I open the inventory, it slows down the game, subsequently crashing it.



disable Tutorial in option setup,

good game…


Still not working. -.-


For me, the game does not even start anymore. Before that, at least it was about to start.
and the errors in the menu inventory are still there.
Processor AMD FX 8350
32gb ram
Asus 7970 / CrossfireX


Hi folks,
First, I particuraly enjoy the game. I made a lot of RPG game on table and the atmosphere is really excited.

but I got this issue too, running nvidia GTX 1060 6GB.
It’s not all the time and seems not to appear in all games area.
good luck


Hi. How long to wait for the results? I have a game and I cannot play it because of bugs.


Hi guys, did you see this thread?

This might help you until we get a full patch out in the next couple of days.