Game freezes / Black screen Siptah 2.1

Game freezes / Black screen

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Game worked fine for five hours , then when we done Surge ( 1000 energy ) around 00:30 CTE
and halfway through game started freezing / black Screen - game not crashing … restarting game and between 2-10s game freezes again …

File Verification - not finding any issues …

Just update to freezes - looks like its happen during surge , interaction with surge thralls , knocking them out ,dragging … Had other players experience it during surge and witnessed it my self - nearby clan started surge - when they knocked out thralls and attempted to drag them it was looking like they being disconnected …when spoken to them they told game freezes / black Screen - needed to sign out of windows … Tho problems keep repeating until surge finishing

same here
game freezes in siptah

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is working on a hotfix to address them. We’re aiming to release it as soon as possible.
Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration.


Just wanted to add up that for me the freeze issue caused by 2 things I noticed (every time with no exemptions) :

  1. when i use bindings 3-6 sec after the game will freeze
  2. when the picture for an item from a dead thrall does not load correctly and displayed as black square, if i open the inventory to loot it the game will freeze (on wild surges)

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