Game Freezes Briefly When Opening Map

Game mode: Online official & Online private
Type of issue: Bug / Performance
Server type: Any
Region: Any

When opening the map there is about 1 second where the game freezes before the map is opened. This happens when first joining a server or after traveling a significant distance (admin teleports). Opening the map used to be seamless / instant where as now it is not. This seems to be isolated to online, the map still opens instantly for me in single player.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Join an online server, private or official.
  2. Open the map.
  3. Notice how the game freezes for about 1 second before the map opens.

I am counting about 5-6 seconds of freeze myself.

Oh wow that seems much worse than mine. How many places have you discovered? Maybe more map markers increases the time.

Hey there,

Could you provide some information to help us pinpoint the issue?

  • Are you using any mods?
  • Is the game installed in an HDD or SSD?
  • Is this in the Exiled lands or Siptah?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ignasi, I wouldn’t say it freezes but it has a slight delay when opening:

  • No mods
  • SSD
  • Both maps

Having this as well.

No mods, HDD install, Exiled Lands.

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@Ignasi It occurs with or without mods enabled. My game is installed on an SSD. I believe it occurs on both maps but I have only confirmed it on the Exiles Lands so far. Since it only occurs in online, I assume it is related to retrieving data from the server in some way.

I have this as well for most UI. I’m rocking a 7 year old hard drive that’s starting to wear down and I’ve been told SSD will fix it so I have one on order. If you’re using an HDD, it may be time to look into upgrading as well

@Jimbo I’m not sure about other UI elements, the rest of mine are fine. But the issue with the map is not resolved with an SSD. Myself and others in the forum are still experiencing it with them, but this is something new post Isle of Siptah patch.

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Same here. 10-15 seconds for me. Takes 5-10 seconds to open thralls and chests sometimes too. Using an HDD, private hosting server on another computer next to me. Issue started with the Siptah update.

Hello Ignasis
I have crashing game with this error line 959 gamethread timed out waiting for renderthread after 60 secs

Same issue here for me 2 second freeze when opening map. exiled lands, using Nvme m.2 drive. No mods.

same here, for me was 5-8 seconds when opening map, exile lands, NVME m.2 drive, official server, pve

Everything was going good until this recent update :frowning: it takes about 10 sec to load map while freezing the screen. Have to make sure I’m not on my horse so I don’t just keep running forward.

Having the same problem, was OK prior to Siptah release.
Press map key, screen changes to try to load map (cant see normal playing view) takes about 1-2 seconds before map loads.

No mods (Official PvE and official PvE-C)
Exiled Lands map

@Ignasi Can we get any insight about this please? Is it being investigated or has it been reproduced on Funcom’s end yet? It seems like a good number of people are experiencing it.

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