Game freezes sometimes


It’s not a bug per se, but something that’s been happening since one of the latest patches to a guildie of mine and me, and I wonder if anyone else gets 1-5 sec freezes lately every now and then, both in PvE and PvP. This never happened before.

My rig:
i7 9700K @4.9GHz
16Gb DDR4 @3000MHz
GTX 1070 Ti
Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb SSD
Windows 10 x64 Home


Server related


Yet my combos time out because the server keeps going, it’s a freeze, not a lagspike. When you get a lagspike from the server, you can still see things in motion and you can move the camera around. What I’m talking about is the entire game freezing not being able to do anything. I’ve wondered if it has to do with Windows Updates or Firefox in the background, but it just never happened before and I’ve been using the same Win and Firefox for years while playing.

Like my guildie suggested, it might be related to the new vanity set, Silent Legion. I was getting freezes all the time in a raid, then I disabled my vanity (I think I was the only one wearing it) and no more freezes.


Can confirm when the silent legion set came out and I was closely looking to someone wearing it in a raid i had exactly the short freeze you describe… however since I now use only helm and legs of it i dont notice anymore.


In case it could have something to do with drivers, I rolled back from 417.71 to 399.24 and, no, I still get freezes.


The game hangs and freezes even with 100 fps…
Yes, my game keeps showing “Age of Conan is not responding: wait or close?”
http:// oi64 . tinypic . com/vne4h2.jpg
Even with high FPS…


And I thought that the game was downloading content or that the notebook was too slow. So, I am not alone with timing out the combos or running into lava after the lag has gone.


I’ll post some settings that seems to help minimize the problem but I guess the only way is to use a SSD.

https:// forums . funcom . com/t/the-game-hangs-and-freezes-even-with-100-fps/65797


anyone to confirm that this is related to install on a Hard Disc Drive? as “guessed” above


Freezes are part of this game, learn how to life with this. :sunny: