Game freezes when exiting wine cellar dungeon

Game mode: Online official AND Online private *
Type of issue: Crash | Bug

Server type: *PvE *
Region: Oceania
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

Game freezes when exiting the Wine Cellar Dungeon (it goes to loading screen and never loads. Have left for an hour). Happened for me and my brother both on official oceania server 1953 and our new private one.

Expected Behavior:

Game goes to loading screen, music still playing but never loads back to the city,

Installed Mods:

If you answered ‘Yes’ to using mods, please list all your active mods. Otherwise, skip or delete this section.

Steps to Reproduce:

Just enter and try to exit.

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I have the exact same issue, I have done two full reinstalls and still happens :sadface:

I just posted the same bug, you just saved me the time to re-install / try other servers.

Game mode: [ Select one: ( Single-player | Co-op)]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Crash | Bug ]
Server type: [ ]
Region: [ ]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: No ]

Bug Description:

Enter the Wine Cellar, once inside use the Door to get out. The game gets stuck on the loading screen.
Force quit the game, login again, you’re still in the wine cellar. Rise and repeat. Try to get out, get stuck on the loading screen, force quite the unresponsive game (you have to logout windows to close the game) and log back in. Appears again in the wine cellar, try to die this time, select bed roll, get stuck on the loading screen, force quit the game…

Expected Behavior:

The game should not get stuck since 2018 aparently on loading screens.

Steps to Reproduce:

See the ## Bug section.

Hello everyone and thank you for providing us with this information.

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

Thank you for your patience while we look into this issue.


So, after yesterdays update, I decided to see if it was fixed, and it appears so, i manage to leave the dungeon! hooray!

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