Game freezes when trying to leave exiled lands

I can run around in the desert grabbing rocks, branches, and plant parts after making my character, but I’m completely unable to do anything else. Just trying to get near the trees, animals, or water causes the game to start freezing. Chopping down a tree freezes the game, trying to hit an animal freezes the game, I’ve never gotten close enough to the water to take my first drink or try to cross it.
The game runs fine in the exiled lands, but I can’t leave and actually play the game. changing the settings has done nothing, updating drivers didn’t help, trying out the testlive version didn’t change anything. the game says it’s running between 30-60FPS, but it freezes for minutes at a time, updates a frame or 2 and then freezes again. any word on an upcoming fix for this? no one else seems to be having this issue and i’ve never experienced something like this in a game before

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I’m having the same issue every get any help?