Game freezing and must reload often

I have been homebound, spine surgery. Found this game, thought to try it. At first it was great!! Building, fighting, all around great open world rpg. But now, I find myself spending more time reloading than playing. Play for 5 to 10 mins, freeze…reload, repeat. Is anyone else having this problem? PS4 plus member for years, no other game does this. And I want to play this game more.

Game used to behave like that before the patch released a couple of days ago.
Almost every time I opened a container and hit L1 for radial menu at the same time it usually froze.
I didn’t find the reason why, it just stopped happening after patch.

Good hunting!

Is the problem on ps4 or pc?

Anyways. playstation, xbox or pc there are and can be some heat issues, it seems the game demands a bit of juice from your system and the cpu inside the box may be hot and thereby either go innto safe mode or shutting down in session.

To check it, pull out the console, cool it somehow, put a fan directed for the inlet or whatever that can make a difference, then try it and see if you can play a bit longer before it freeses again.

If it does then you have the key, clean the air inlets and try to set the box up somewhere where the air may have free flow.

Just a tip, as i know some people put the box in a shelf, or even inside a stereobench with doors.

Keep it cool and see if it helps, good luck:)

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