Game future and ideas

So I have realized after reading everything I can find that the biggest problems aren’t the developers or their desire to create an amazing game they can be proud of, It is the money people that forced them to release when not ready forcing shortcuts and alterations of plans that is causing them to try to build a house on a very poor foundation and trying to fix the foundation as they get breaks in between the money people forcing them to push out other things.

I have spent some hours in the development kit/mod kit Looking at blueprints and how certain things are put together, adding that to the things that I put together with the kit over early access, I have spent time over early access talking to some people on discord about certain aspects that are possible or not possible and crammed a bunch of new Unreal 4 knowledge down my throat.

I say this because as a community undoubtably filled with people much smarter than me and who can most likely spell better as well, who also have a love for this game and would really like it to succede would be much better served by putting aside the funcom this and the funcom that and putting our combined talents into developing with the development kit and sharing with the funcom team the solutions that are created and assisting them in their work. Core engine features we cant do anything about but easy things such as for example a better blueprint or animation setup or a simple optimization that can be handed to someone on the team on discord or somewhere for them to look at and possibly be a simple drop in solution that doesn’t cost them any time just might be very help full for them.

None of this is our responsibility of course and I may be considered dumb or whatever to suggest such a thing but after talking to a few like minded people I have decided that after this last test patch goes live I am going to set aside some money and begin working on a large mod that addresses as much of the issues that I have saved over the last 12 to 18 months along with my own ideas of game enhancements (replacement for the decay system, larger dynamic world, populated rewarding dungeons etc) of course that is dependent upon how much is actually tied to the core engine, but when the mod is finished (and during development if the developers are interested) I am going to offer it to the development team to use all or part and if they do it will simply be my contribution to a game that I really enjoy, and if they don’t I will throw it on as a mod for the community.

Some of this is possible and i’m sure some isn’t but what I am trying to say is lets not let this game die by turning our heads and just offering suggestions and lamenting about how bad things are, near as I can tell alot of this wouldn’t be too hard to wrap our heads around.

Ill shut up now…


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