Game improvements and ideas I'd like to share

  • Specialization for fighter thralls
    Similar to crafters, fighter thralls could have specializations for specific weapons, increasing animation speed and damage. It would add a layer of diversity to fighter thralls and push the game away from a meta thrall.
  • Thrall/pet perk reveal at level 0
    This would be an awesome quality of life improvement. It would remove the “tedious” from the thrall leveling system we have and make it more enticing to capture thralls/pets.
  • Arena/Colliseum game system
    Have a system where we can talk to an NPC and select 5 of our followers from the follower list to have them teleported inside an arena/colliseum to fight a large number of monasters/npcs. This would bring more fun ways to spend thralls, enough reason to capture some more and it would become just another activity to interract with the game.
  • Add an extra 0 on player health, only visually.
    This quality of life improvement could make players feel more decent in comparison to thrall health. It would definitely feel better to see your health bar 5000 instead of 500, only visually.
  • Add Ctrl+Left Mouse Click to move all stacks of a certain item from and to inventory
    Right now, we have shift+left mouse click to move a single stack of items in an instant without draging the mouse. More than often, I find myself having several stacks of stone, coal, etc and having to move them one by one is tedious and time consuming. If Ctrl+left mouse click could move 20 stacks of stone from one click, that would be awesome.
    Also, make Ctrl+ mouse drag to drop all stacks of a specific item.
  • Make all healing consumables to heal/regenerate health in %
    This would make thralls happy.
  • PvE spy system
    Make a system where we can dress like a faction and enter their camp without being attacked. For example, wearing full cimmerian armor could make the player neutral to cimmerian camps. Some players like to loot chests only, and having an option to avoid being chased by 20 NPCs would give players another gameplay option. This would also make faction armor more useful and worth crafting.
  • Dice and card game
    Lots of games have minigames in them that are dice and card based, heavily inspired from the game lore. We already have woden dice in the game, chess pieces and figurines. This would be good for player interraction and further inspire “trading of goods”.
    Another interesting idea are drinking contests, horce racing.
    Another idea that is a bit more complex is a strategy card game using thrall tokens. Just imagine something similar to Hearthstone using figthers, archers, crafters, priests, each with their specific use. Of course this would have to be a minigame inside Conan Exiles.
  • Rings and amulets
    No RPG feels complete without rings of power or magic amulets. Conan’s lore has some rings here and there, I’m sure.
  • Bottled beverages
    Instead of having metal cups and pints, that are irrealistic and can’t fit into a traveling bag or pocket, I would like to see actual bottled beverages like a bottle of wine or metalic flask.
  • Different sounds for different items when picked-up or moved around in inventory.
    A quality of life improvement that would give us, loot enthusiasts, more fun.

As a last suggestion, I would like to see pizza added to the game, preferably without pineapple.

Best regards.


Just…yes and would also add tomato and potato plants/recipes and a pack mule/burrow (as a mount). And the pve spy system reminds me of how I’d wear faction clothes (pvp) in Sepermeru and watch other players (Thx 4 the flashback).

Fewer than you’d imagine, actually. Except for the Ring of Thoth-Amon (Phoenix on the Sword) and an unnamed belt that protected its wearer against magic (People of the Black Circle), Howard’s Conan stories didn’t really have a lot of magic items. The few there were tended to be unique artifacts, such as the Heart of Ahriman or the laser-shooting wand from Red Nails. Wearable D&D-style magic items such as Rings of protection or Amulets of Wisdom didn’t show up anywhere.

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Do we get a choice for being teleported into the arena when this player picks five others from the player list? Or do we just teleport while in the middle of fighting in a dungeon or building? That could be annoying…perhaps an option to “fight!” can come up and we opt in?

If you’re talking about the suggested Arena feature, it’s supposed to pick followers (ie. thralls and pets) from the player’s follower list - not other players.

Strongly agree with this. From a PvE and purely cosmetic standpoint it sells itself, and provides some nice new treasures for players. Although I would also love to see this take on a Diablo II or Skyrim system, whereby we can get a minor Attributes bonus from different rings and necklaces.

Oh…got it. Yeah ok that’s cool I like it.

I also like the PVE spy system. Please add to all playing levels like PVEc etc

honestly everything you’ve said seems like a very good idea to give more life to the game.

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