Game improvements

1] I noticed a couple of important things that need changes. Namely:
Building buildings → roof problems, I would use supports holding the roof because I noticed that sometimes the roof cannot be closed, on the one hand it is possible to put a spoiled roof, on the other hand it is not possible.
I will also add about the removal of building elements: first, the removed element should glow when marked, and secondly, it should return the entire resource spent. When building palaces it is boring to constantly run for raw materials when we remove something.
It’s hard to describe everything, it would be fun to look at building because sometimes frustrating mistakes can break the vision.
2] It would be nice if you could plant trees because when placing objects, trees disappear after the cut and it is empty.
3] Animations, e.g. a fighter smoking a cigarette. Etc. In addition, things that will enliven the world, such as fish jumping into the water, then it is known that they are in this place. You can also add that the player himself could throw the fish into the lake.
4] there is more hops missing because I noticed that it is a very hard material to get
5] Problem with getting a horse, during the first update, horses were everywhere, now they are virtually missing, should be in mercenary camps
6] own markers on the map, sometimes there is a problem with them because they cannot be removed
7] Save in the cloud because after uninstalling the game, the save disappears
Best regards and I hope for improvements in the game;)

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  1. allow entertainers to be assigned a music instrument, with associated animation and music. Posibility of multiinstrumental music - as in Sepermeru’s inn -.
  2. add music senescals (same or other than religious ones) or archivist item
  3. allow camel riding - saddle and so -
  4. allow boats
  5. allow banner customization, or dyeing
  6. allow note placing anywhere - even on other player structures -
  7. allow boleadoras weapon to make people and animals fall to the floor
  1. Maybe, performers should be managed as craftsmen. Or maybe, craftsmen should be managed as entertainers.
  2. Music instruments could be managed as crafting stations, and partitures as crafting items.
  3. Add emoticon wheel to thralls.
  4. Add special action tags to thralls: use a chair, open a chest, climb a wall,…

12] It would also be good if the mercenaries were sitting at the tables, and our character too, we have so many decorations that we can only set them up. It can be used perfectly.

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These are cool & all for RP or pve servers

The note on other player base is kinda cool especially but also can come w issues from trolls

Somthing that could be looked into imo as most of these suggestions sounds purely as cosmetic choices - im fine w my performer dancing cus i play pvp but for pve sake again, this sounds purely cosmetic.

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I agree. As I think they would not be too difficult to implement, I consider them quite probable to make.

Its just very important that the aspects of the suggestions that are made is showing the greater picture as some of these suggestions are very bad for pvp but fine for RP

Always highlight the aspect so that it doesnt get a game breaking end and im sure from there that funcom can take it into consideration :sunglasses::+1:

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