Game is almost unplayabe for me

Im playing online on EU server 3132.

The game sure have a load of bugs, most of them is acceptable and can be learnt how to deal with to minimize them… Now the last few days i have been trying to get me some thralls with fighter thrall and im about to give up this game.

Problem 1: Mobs cant be knocked… Their knockout meter will not move, so i have to manually switch weapon on thrall mid-fight, and that is NOT easy when there is sometimes both wolfs and NPCs just doing you over.

Problem 2: Thrall not attacking, so i managed to switch weapon… Now the thrall stands there and get beaten, i have to run away and come back, and away and come back, switch between weapons and hope he starts to attack again.

Problem 3: Getting stuck, when thrall is not attacking properly or not attacking at all etc, he gets beaten and get stuck outside of walkable terrain, so he just stands there mid air or in a doorway and i have to run away several hundred meters so he pops out.

Problem 4: Attacking but just a little bit… Standing, taking 3-4 combos from a NPC and then giving one strike or sometimes one combo, just to stand and get beaten another 3-4 combos.

Problem 5: The damn menus and buttons… when i have to access thrall to switch weapon… i have to stand next to him, trying not to get beaten by NPCs that are pulled, access the menu, try to manually switch without getting beaten by a pulp. pick upp and attack on same key, sit and pick all on same key. this system would work if there was not so many elements that are bugging.

And when i read around it has been like this like always… Found discussions from 2018 where they discussed these exact problems, and there is no solutions anywhere. I have paid alot of money for the game and all expansions… An sometimes its just unplayable forcing me to go chop wood and do stuff that works instead,

Please just do something about this.

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