Game is dead! FUNCOM try to save it!

I love Elder Scrolls and Fallout, but for me it’s a comparison that doesn’t work all that well because they are different types of games. They are action RPGs with sandbox elements, while Conan is primarily a sandbox game with some action rpg elements.

In my eyes Conan is much closer to games like Mount and Blade and No Mans Sky. They present you with some general guidance and then you just do whatever you want. There is no real set end goal except the goals you decide for yourself.


Yes I have seen zero people on a server and logged in to see players on the server even on my own server.

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OK I just logged in and I see both private and official server’s shows people on server’s

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I think that pve also has a lot of players but maybe they play in single game (offline) so as not to have to deal with the decay, however that does not mean that they are less players than pvp.


I agree with you. My wife plays about as much offline as online. Each his or hers own I think :thinking:


I see your point mate, but how exactly do you rescue a game?

Bringing back old outdated mechanics won’t do it.

The only way forward is new content. Frequent new content.


I agree they’ve done great with the updates , only problem I see is the pop. They just need to grow it
By any means like for real anything to make it pop off

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