Game Just Disapears At Start

I sure hope they can fix this. Conan Exiles is my favorite game.

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I am right there with you. These last three weeks have been very boring…

vite vite qu’ils réparent cela mon clan me manque :frowning:

And guys? Any News if todays patch fixed the this issue? @morais1991 @Oduda @swgunn

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not for me the game still knows how to stop for no reason :frowning: :frowning:

Just got home from work so no idea yet. @Coty

Nope, it has not been 1 full month since I paid for this expansion and I still cannot connect to the game.

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Its sad.

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Hey there,

This issue wasn’t fixed by the last patch, as it wasn’t listed in its list of changes.

It is being looked into and our team has identified one of the possible causes some of logs we received pointed to. We’re still trying to identify the second cause.


Thank you for that update.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Quick update: This issue has been bumped in priority internally. We are still trying to isolate the main cause for some AMD hardware combinations causing the game to crash on start.


1 month, most likely 2 more weeks until a fix comes out.

Now, once this issue is solved? How you going to reward us for all this downtime? I would not insist on this if it would have happend only for Siptah and not to so called “full released” Conan Exiles: The Exiled Lands( may 2018).

LOL can we become top priority please? I havent played in well over a month now after giving you 30 bucks.

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I really think they need to look in to their live services as this was not an issue until they made us all use their Live Services way to get into the game. Funny it just started then right.

Well, it started a bit after that. It started with the Sipta release. The live services release was months before that. Though that does not mean it is not related to live services just point out it did not start right then.

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It was definitely the Sipta DLC.

For me it started with the patch 2.0.2. Had no issue before of that.

Hey all,

Quick update: There’s going to be a Testlive patch soon that includes some crash fixes and the newest update from BattlEye. For those of you affected by this issue, could you give this patch a try once it releases to see if there’s been any change in the crashing pattern for your particular hardware setup?


Of course.