Game keeps crashing and crashing

im on server 2811 and i was fine most the day then i got home screened. Then went and rejoined, but about 15 seconds in it would crash again. over and over again. i restarted my xbox and even my router. i tried playing single player and no problem but then tried get back to 2811 and crashed again. our server has never had ping below 126 since you opened the server.

This is exactly what is happening on the official server I am on. Been trying to get on for 2-3 hours now :confused:

Suddenly after i already played today i have the dashboarding on my Private Server.
Never had that problem.

But hey what to expect from a Alpha stage Game :-1:

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I am also having constant crash issues on official server 2811. 10-20 seconds in game and back to title screen I go. This started today. I’m able to play other servers just not my main which is really annoying.

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