Game killer bugs

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [server #1019 eu]

[Free text]
ther are 5 bugs game changing we have video ther is this clan legion who has 2 sub clans and dominating server using bugs exploits they 1 stamina bug run … run on stears and jump infinit run stamina ther is infinit hit stamina bug witch you cen make it by using doge and then you get infinit stamina havy atack AND THEY BUILD WALLS ARAOUND OBELISK to block on raid time so they cant get raided WE HAVE VIDEO raid time we spend 10 bombs on 1 roof t2 and it took 0 damage not only they dominate with numbers but use exploits…they use posion buff bug they stuck it multypel times and they cen permently lower your armores points i wos pvp 1v1 i had legion armore they had havy t1 armore and they killd me and my armores point no mater what i did stay low i had 120 armore point with silend legion on
***. so they dont let players use obelisk to teleport by building it they use potion buff stack bug so they cen go 1 vs 20 they have base and outpost that are indestructible from explosives they cen permently lower your armor points if they hit you 1 time they have infinit stamina run and havy atack

Steps on how to reproduce issue: