Game Lag & Video Hitching frame rate drops

Let’s really pay attention as a community what we believe is the actual cause of this as I notice on a private server freshly rebooted with zero players on during the session that Wolves when in a group seem to stop animation and freeze up. Rhinos seem to also cause this as well and hyenas but only when in groups of 2 or more as far as the rest of the species and or animals in the wild this doesn’t seem to be the case we have tested this by spawning in a few and it seems to be confirmed on our server at least. post what you might think the problem is below so we can help the developers isolate this issue

My bug report is Wolves, Hyenas, Rhinos do and are causing frame rates to crash as they stay still for more than 30 seconds at a time and longer and do not engage in combat and when they do it’s a blinking battle as they render in and out. results are the same on PS4 standard and PS Pro.

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