Game mode: [Online | PVE PRIVATE SERVER ]
Problem: [ Performance issue]
Region: [North America]

Hi Everyone, this is my first post here so I’ll try to be as much precise possible.
Here’s the situation : I pay a private server on g-portal where I play in PVE with friends. As the admin, I used the admin panel to get materials and construct a big castle. As I like doing in minecraft, I build quite big structures. At the beginning, there was no issue. At the end, when I finished the entire structure and decorated it in many ways (furniture, flags, banners, torches, etc) it became very laggy for my friends, but not me. I play on PS4 PRO and they play on normal PS4. For them, when they arrive at the castle and the building is appearing, their image suffer from a serious lack of fluidity, it becomes very laggy. For me, everything’s still super fluid and clean. I have absolutly no lag or anything. But for my friends, it became almost unplayable when the castle is in their field of view. We first suspected problems with the server but when we noticed that everyone had that problem except me, I suspect that the PS4 PRO does a better job at this point than the normal PS4. But I wondered about something ; In PVP, people team-up to build quite big structures as well, is that always a problem with people on a normal PS4? I would really like to find a way to correct that, and be able to play in that super castle.

Thanks for the help!


Hello @darkrisis23, welcome to the forums!

The Pro version is noticeably more performant than the standard or slim versions, so their hardware will get stressed sooner when dealing with a large amount of data.

Could you share more information regarding the amount of light sources and other placeables, together with a few screenshots that would allow us to understand the scope of this structure?

Do your friends have any issues while playing in official servers, and do they have their consoles on a wired connection to ensure network stability?

Would any of them be willing to share a short video showcasing the issue?

I saw this problem on my PS4 Slim. The Pro has more processing speed and doesn’t get affected by the larger bases as much as the Slim and standard versions. I tried multiple things to improve the performance, such as moving the game to an external SSD storage, adding an internal SSD. These helped, but when I upgraded to a Pro and converted the drive to SSD, all lag went away.

On our PvE base on the official server, we’ve cut our base down and removed a lot of the placeables, and that has helped clan mates with lag.

In short, there are three solutions for your friends.
1 - Upgrade to SSD in their PS4s.
2 - Upgrade to PS4 Pro (I’d still recommend an SSD)
3 - Reduce the size and decoration in your base.


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