Game loses sync with server

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: United Kingdom

Greetings. Don’t know maybe that bug previosly know but I ran into it for the first time.
Everytime when I hit (for harvesting or fighting) non-stop without any pauses - after 6-10 hits game loses sync with server. Game gets freeze till I recieve “disconnected from server”. The fun thing is, there is a method to avoid this bug, all I have to do is a make pauses after each hit. Then everything works normal.

Hit hit hit hit > freeze > disconnect.
Hit and wait, hit and wait, hit and wait > everything normal.

It’s a private server with population 30+ constant players, no one of them have such issue. We tried to restart server several times - that doesnt help. I tried to recheck game files in steam - that doesnt help. I tried to create new character ( we thought maybe old character used too many memory) - that doesnt help either.

I have played more than 400 hours (most of them on that server) and never ran into such bug before. It started right after I purchased “The Jewel of the West Pack” few days ago. So I think it’s somehow connected with dlc.

Here is example of hitting pickaxe at full speed.

After few hits stone not gathering anymore (while objects still get damage) so it mean that in this moment game already freezed. While game freezed Im stuck at place of first hit. I used whole stamina and as you can see I’m teleported back to same spot and stamina doesnt refill. After one minute of such freeze I get “disconnect from server”.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Hit at max speed with tool or weapon
  2. Get game freeze till disconnect
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Whats your PING when connected? and FPS?
How good is your broadband connection?
I’m assuming the server does not crash.
The video just looks like lag at your end mate.

Server ping: 34
Ping in game: 80-120
FPS: 50-60 mine (from steam shift+tab) and 30 stable server (from ToggleDebugHUD)

No, server didn’t crash. Other people playing on server on that moment dont have any issues.
Video looks like lag at the end only because character constantly teleported back to the last position before freeze.

As I said I played on that server most of my time. From 400+ total hours in game, I think I spended on that server like 350+. And never had such bug. Server dont use any mods, we play on pure game clients.

-I played last sunday and everything was like always fine.
-On monday I purchased “The Jewel of the West Pack”, and such issues appeared. I wasnt able to connect with admins yesterday so I didnt post any bugreport till we could restart server and try all solutions.
-Today we tried everything but problem still remain, that’s why I’m here.

Did you check with other players on the same server who have bought the new DLC?

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