Game Modes: Clan VS Clan

Although CE being a sandbox game, it would be interesting for the players having other game modes, think about “WoW Battlegrounds”, or for those not familiar with WoW, its literally PvP matches, I’ll explain:

In these modes, you alone or your clan can join/form a match that will fight with another clan from other servers, then when everyone is ready, the screen loads this instanced part of the map with pre build structures (Castles, Base, Arena). Players start the match naked, and must gather the armor and weapons provided in the match.

All modes are 10v10, but in case of fewer ppl the match balances the numbers, like 6x5, 4x4 with a minium of 4 players, in this case 2x2.

Mode 1 - Castle Siege.
Two Castles mid size, one side is Blue, the other one Red, in each Castle, there will be a limited but good portion of tools to break thro the enemy Castle, there are X explosive jars, X trebuchets, x orbs and whatever is comming with the Siege System. The teams must break thro the enemy Castle and kill the enemy King (a Thrall Fighter with lots of HP) at the throne room of the Castle, the team who kills the King wins the match.

Mode 2 - Capture the Flag.
A classic mode well known in many games. Blue and Red team must get into the enemy Base with lots of obstacles (Thralls, Pets, Monsters, traps), steal the enemy flag and return to the Base to score a point, the team that scores 3 points wins the match.

Mode 3 - Arena.
In the arena Players spawn around it, armors and weapons are on the wall for preparation, is possible to select 1v1, 2v2, 3v3… til 10v10 mode, once selected, the game will send the duelists to the center of the arena, depending on the selected mode the remaining players will wait for their turn watching the duels, (Rune Classic / Jedy Academy style). There is no cap for wins, only a duration of 40 min, the player/team with most kills wins the match.

Feel free to add more modes if you guys have ideas.

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