Game not saving properly #2

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug | Performance]
Region: Sweden

I was adviced to post here. Former post: Game not saving properly
I play in the ps4 system. Singel player co-op and regular single player. Not thru the online function.

I lose progress du to the game not saving what i had built. And constructed. Its Always the case of buildingtime being lost. Sometimes the material are returned to me. Sometimes not. Thrall are often saved and so are armors. Sometimes Tralls after save turn up not where i left them. Materials gathered sometimes are lost. Could be hours of playing time lost. Like some sort of reset. Could be the entire playing session. Sometimes it could be 5 minutes and sometimes it could be hours.

My friend has the same problem

I know the game is buggy. Once the game just let me see the game texture of the “floor/terain” and enemys. No resources.

Would it be less like this on a dedicated online server?


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play singleplayer on ps4
  2. Log out thru the exit menu in the client
  3. Directly after entering main menu screen turn of or out ps4 system in waiting mode


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