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Me and my friend play this game as a ps4 premium member. Great game but sometimes we lose our progress in the game after we logg out. Sometimes we could lose hours of playing time. What are we doing wrong and how could we fix it? Would a rented dedicated server make this problem go away?

Thank you

I think we’re going to need more info on what you mean when you say you “lose progress”.

First and foremost though - where do you play? PS4 is given, but official server? Single-player (co-op) ? PvE / PvP ?

Secondly, what do you mean when you say “lose progress” ? Armor/weapons lost? Buildings destroyed?

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Hi Mikey

Thank you for your reply. I play in the ps4 system. Singel player co-op and regular single player. Not thru the online function.

I lose progress du to the game not saving what i had built. And constructed. Its Always the case of buildingtime being lost. Sometimes the material are returned to me. Sometimes not. Thrall are often saved and so are armors. Sometimes Tralls after save turn up not where i left them. Materials gathered sometimes are lost. Could be hours of playing time lost. Like some sort of reset. Could be the entire playing session. Sometimes it could be 5 minutes and sometimes it could be hours.

I know the game is buggy. Once the game just let me see the game texture of the “floor/terain” and enemys. No resources.

Would it be less like this on a dedicated online server?


Try exiting to main menu every time, avoid closing the app directly.
Game should save and would even save on game crashes if possibles (saved me once, game crashed but it made some auto save when it crashed, I didn’t lose anything).
Anything on the log? Decay times adjusted properly?
I’ve never heard what’s happening to you before.
Online servers should save you from loosing buildings and time spent, but come with many other risks.
Currently, the only option left for me is to play offline and save to cloud every time I can (PS+).
You might want to post this on the bugs section :+1:t3:

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My questions were to rule out in-game ‘not a bug’ scenarios, but it looks like that is indeed not the case.

Wouldn’t the PS4 be auto-saving every x minutes though? So if it’s indeed hours of time lost sometimes, that indicates a deeper problem with your system I think - it is not, to my knowledge, a common issue at all.

Then again I have no experience with this generation of consoles or how they handle data.

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I know exactly what you are talking about and goig through cause if happens to me to often. I had a base where I had harvested for crafting I had almost 20 chests of things I had collected by looting camps and different bosses in the game. I had all the different benches and work stations that is ingame.

I logged out and went to bed, next day when I logged in again, I spawned hanging in the dessert hanging in a cliff, and when I got back to my base, everything was gone only the building and my bed was still there.

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That happened to you playing solo locally on your PS4? With no purge on the log? :scream:

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In solo mode the game stops each time you log out and restarts (and resets) each time you log in. Purge can’t happen while the player is logged out, and rarely happen when you’re logged in because resetting and game mechanics based on a timer don’t go along very well.

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Purge actually works fine for me to be honest. I posted this on the bug section and wrote a petition. No response yet.

I have purge turned off every since I started playing and things still mess up my game as I wrote in my last comment.

It isn’t purge. From what you and LEONARD wrote, it looks like your PS4 doesn’t save the game properly when you log out. Or doesn’t load the last save, the one done then you last logged out, when you log in.
Games failing to save properly often happens when the player closes the game without logging out properly. On a PS4 it means using the PS button to return directly to the PS4 menu with your character logged in, then using the Option button button to close the game.

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