Game of Kings - The Glass Throne

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What are you?

A Nomad? View #nomad
Do you walk alone? Are you a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another? There are various ways Nomads relate to their environment, one can distinguish the hunter-gatherer, the pastoral nomad owning livestock, or the traveling merchant.

Savage? View #savage-clan

Cold and alone? But happy about it? You may find yourself in a tribe that pulls the strings to a war, or defending your home from political movement. Whatever you do, consider yourself a resistance.
Savages are made of pillaging thieves, inconspicuous spies, and of native land dwellers. The throne has been empty, and the lawless would like to keep it that way.

Guild? View #guild-clan

There are guilds of all sorts. Warriors, Cults, Assassins, Launderers. Always something new comes around, especially when there is money in it. Guilds do not seek the throne, but if they play their dealings right, they may just get a nice payoff. Your impact on the decisions of a house could affect your way of life, so play with wits.

Power House? View #noble-house

Ah. You believe in leadership. You have a vision. You are hungry for the power. Or dedicated to enforce peace? Perhaps it’s that beautiful throne, or the doves that fly from your castle towers, perhaps it’s wealth and economy, or you have a more sinister agenda.
Consider your position at the top of the food chain, investing your self in land claims, values, and progress. The Empire is your passport to tomorrow, read the fine print.(edited)

Come all who love a great community!