Game of Thralls - Isle of Siptah



I. Driven by the players themselves. Intrigue, politics, warfare, diplomacy, and trade are for you to create and experience. You won’t find gamemasters or admin-driven server-wide narratives.

II. A mature and friendly community. Our members play the most deprived and vile villains in-game but remain friendly and courteous out-of-character. Creating the most immersive environment. Promoting character-driven conflict is the goal of our rules, settings, and mods. We have our own server mod that allows us additional control. We cover the most essential situations with rules but trust our community to make mature decisions.

III. Running on the best hardware money can buy. We run our own unique scripts and optimizations. Our restart times are <2 minutes and our server is stable with very little problems. When all servers burn on patch day, it’s common for us to be running without problems.

IV. The Lore of Game of Thralls. In order to maintain a coherent framework that is in keeping with the Hyborian Age and to avoid too much confusion among the many different Conan sources available we primarily use the lore provided by the Conan RPG books published by Mongoose. Our lore master, familiar with the Conan franchise in its many forms, has judiciously incorporated some elements from the GURPS Conan RPG as well. Lastly, he has rounded things out with his own work to create a logical and consistent whole that incorporates the elements of the game world. If you are already a fan of Conan outside of the game you will appreciate the attention to detail with which the “reality” of this server has been crafted. If you’re new to the various lore that makes up the Hyborian Age, you are in for a treat as you discover a richly crafted world to place your own unique character in.

Our server provides a lore channel in our Discord so all the information you need is at your fingertips. If you have questions, we have channels for those as well and one of our friendly members is sure to answer you!

V. Access is behind an application process. We like to know if you have what it takes to play on Game of Thralls.


Northern Timber
Arena Pier
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
Dude’s Delightful Decorations
Ravencrest Couriers
Immersive Armors
Barbarian Barber
Akuba’s Salon
RA: Character Customization
Improved Quality of Life
Better Surges
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Game of Thralls - Isle of Siptah

Discord: Join our discord for more information:

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Game of Thralls, GoT, is the absolute best representation of Howard’s Hyboria you will ever come across. The players, the rules, the mods and the admin all promote the RP conflict experience; no it is not constant PvP, it is constant RP in a world fraught with danger. I have played many past seasons on GoT and it has never failed to deliver the RP conflict style play it promises. Combine GoT’s theme with Siptah, and it just gets better. The community embraces the hardships of the game, and the GoT theme promotes it. Not laden down with lawyered rules, it allows the community to act like adults among themselves, and push their game play to the hilt. You won’t regret getting involved. See you in game!

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I second that. Not enough time on my hands to write how good it feels to play on such a well set-up and cared for server.
The mod list is perfect, as usual with Got.
The server performance is something you never think about, because you’re so immersed than you don’t realise the game never lags.
RPing is honestly the best way to discover the new map.
Everyone I met in this server was always great to play with. Yes, even the ones playing villains :slight_smile:

The reviewed application process is there to ensure that everyone knows how to behave. You benefit from that, so don’t be afraid and come tell your story!


Number one in regards to Immersion and RP quality, undisputed across the niche of hardcore RP servers.
The atmosphere is gritty, the sensation of threat and excitement is in every encounter.

Howards setting is heavily enforced, lore and the conflicts resulting from culture clashes is a core priciple of this server.
His world is a harsh one and here you feel that.

There is no supernaturals and no magic besides that existing in the game, just refreshing, good old human vs. human clashes, alliances, struggles, relationships, diplomacy, trade, stories.

Server runs flawlessly, near constant 60 sFPS, no lagg, no rubberbanding, no unresponsive followers, no crashes.

Being with this community for one and a half years now, this is still my number one.

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The old quality in new looks.
The migration towards the new map did not took harm on the server. You still get the old feeling of immersion, thanks to the community and the effort our staff has put into the lore section.
You have well researched and good writen summaries of Howards cultures, with no “homebrew” additions or fantasy extensions. Every culture has links to sources that explain them in details.

The gameplay is smooth and with no troubles or lags serverside.

When it comes to the community you have a wild mix of players and playstyles that merge together in a natural way to enrich the RP adventure of everyone.

If you are interested in a high immersive serverm that is as close as it gets to howards lore you will find not a better place.

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A very nice roleplaying server! I’ve started playing on this server I think a year and a half ago or so and have enjoyed myself thoroughly ever since. In fact, some of my favourite roleplaying moments have happened on this server.

As mentioned in previous replies, there’s a certain sense of danger and excitement in all encounters, which I personally really love. The tone is a bit gritty and very lore-accurate. There’s no NPC cities or dungeon masters or anything, so all conflict is player based. Conflict usually happens based on interactions between larger factions or clans. I’ve yet to find a server that makes conflict as exciting as this one.

I’d also like to compliment the server administrator, as the server seems very well cared for and looked after. All issues I’ve had seemed to have stemmed from my own PC as the server itself runs quite smoothly.

Lastly, the community is quite helpful. It’s rare that I have to wait long for someone to answer a question. The application process might also seem intimidating, but it’s honestly not as scary as it might seem!

All in all, I’ve quite enjoyed playing on this server and I can definitely recommend it. All it needs is a few more players, so come have a look for yourself.

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