Game of Thralls (PC, RPvP, 18+), Confict driven Role Play at its Finest

Game of Thralls is a whitelisted private RP server for the Exiled Lands map. The intent behind the server concept is conflict driven stories, whether that conflict be against the creatures and hazards within the world, or the other players who also call it home. The focus for the server is deep and meaningful multiplayer roleplay, with lasting consequences from the decisions your character makes as they go through their “lives” in the harsh world of the exiles.

If you are the type of player who:

  • Finds the story of their character’s life more important than their endstate
  • Can see the beauty in roleplaying a loss every bit as much, or perhaps more so than winning every conflict
  • Loves characters who are “real”, with flaws and weaknesses as much a part of the character as their strengths and promises are
  • Will play a character true to their nature, embracing the cultural norms of each race and honoring the decisions they make, even if it means the death of their own, (or someone else’s), character
  • Is mature enough to appreciate the depth of a story, realising that theirs is not the only story on the server and embracing that when Out Of Character, regardless of how intense the story In Character may be

Then Game of Thralls is the server you would thrive in, and return to, season after season.

To aid players in creating the most immersive world possible, our team has created and compiled an extensive, comprehensive and accurate library of lore based on Howard’s work, as well as all other widely accepted sources. Our mod list is also carefully selected and managed to provide for the most immersive experience, while having negligible impact on server performance.

So, come, be a part of the story. Live. Love. Burn with life, slay, and survive. Or, fall to a better foe and submit, or die, should that be your fate. Regardless what your character’s fate may be, the story of its life will be as grand and epic as you choose. Choose wisely.