GAME OF THRALLS Season 5 - NEW SERVER 17th August 2018

The wheel turns again and new story lines sprout a and blossom like weed. Some end abruptly, when stronger ones devour them. Great and flamboyant civilization that was borne in the Oasis was almost extinguished by sorcery, plotting and treason. It has become terrible, twisted and corrupt. The Black king and his undying bride reign with free hand. Who will stop them now? Some whisper about the young illegitimate daughter of a king, who desperately tries to gather people of good faith. Is there hope yet?


Another brilliant week of plots, deceptions, cunning power play and great character deveopment. come and join one of the most mature, heavy RP and lore detailed servers. Come and visit our discord Chanel for details and application.

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About ten various IC stories written by players just yesterday means to me, that my fellow roleplayers are really having fun here.

You can check right after joining the discord, we have opened RP channels for not-yet-approved people too.


Another fine weekend on the server, again murder, plots and devious double crossing Who is in charge? Who survived the chaos? And who is the new power? Come and find out and join our discord and read the in character stories to find out more.

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While the server really starts to fill up (yesterday 28 players online, there is still room for many more, as we have 70 slot rig. Suprisingly the US population grows quite strong indeed.
Join our discord to see the unique setting we have created.

So many new players but always room for more. Cone join our discord to find out and look over the character stories. This is one of the most mature, lore detailed and overall a brilliant server you will find.

So the wheel turns and those that survived are either stronger or wiser. So many plots and twists. Loads of new players and one of the best mature group or players. It’s also scary. The monsters in the volcano, the Baron and his lords at the Oasis, the innocent and those who want just to live in peace. Come and join our discord to find out more. This is such a great RP server. Mature, funny, dangerous and no drama.

During this weekend, a political situation on the server stood on the edge of open war conflict. Weapons were drawn, blood has been spilled and two great factions were taking prisoners in minor skirmishes, while trying to sway the third side from its neutrality to their cause. In the end, uneasy peace has been established, with all the prisoners being exchanged on the bridge. Yet who knows how long is this going to last?

I am having great fun on this server.

Story lines are forming and intertwining; the complex and intricate tapestry is being woven. This season is turning into the most nail biting and exciting one yet. Who are the shining lights and which clans are the darkness? who know really? as nothing is ever black or white. Come join us to find out more of this magnificent server. Another weekend ends and who is around still?

The grim inhabitants of volcano, led by a self proclaimed Hyperborean king, suspicious Baron at the Oasis, the new, powerfull house Valerius, remnants of Ravenhold settlement, or some new other faction?

Who will emerge stronger at the end of the week, and who will be building more tombstones?

Join the server discord to find out yourselves.

A new dawn; a new day and a new life. The powers have shifted, the Baron lives yet the King in the volcano is dead; how will the new balance of power shift? Will the Baron remain sane long enough to enjoy it? Another amazing player ran weekend. Come join our discord Chanel and find out.

Another explosive week on GoT S5. The Jade Empress foolishly attacked the Baron only to be killed. Major deaths to long established characters and now with the DLC a horde of savages. How the wheel turns. Will this weekend see the bad Baron survive another attempt upon his peaceful town. Well come and join us to find out. Join the discord Chanel. Explore the mass of lore and back stories. Join the fabulousness.

“Before sunrise, we make this one scream a thousand times, then Denali takes his scalp, and cut his head from body” I promised to people standing around, most of them panting heavily, their faces full of sweat, ash and burns from explosions nearby, their spears bloodied.
Small black man on the ground coughed up blood, some of it aimed as a spit at my face and shown white pointy teeth in a defiant snarl. Then rolled eyes, spasms of the life escaping his body through the spear wound in his side.
My face hardened, all the prisoners were dead then. Celebrations to Jhebbal Sag will miss its best part.

Behind us, the flames were quickly devouring the rest of thatched roofs on one of our buildings. Yet there was still a relieve in our hearts, for the dreaded enemy has been slaughtered, and the ways of elders were preserved.

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The insane Baron somehow escapes another threat to his fiefdom. The explosive destruction of the savages came as a shock to us all. New settlers and trades are appearing in his lands. How long can this Man survive? Come join us at our discord Chanel and find out more.

Discord = gH8d7Dt

The tensions are mounting within the exiled lands; is the mad Baron safe? Who are the new threats to his rule? Will he survive the weekend. Come and join the sever to find out. GoT is one of the most mature and detailed lore based RP servers. It’s oringinal out look and detail are just brilliant. Join the discord group for an application.

“Oh, The grand old Baron Raphael,
He thought he had ten loyal men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
And he marched them down again………”

So the wheel has turned fully, the old mad Baron has disappeared. His most loyal men are all dead and the savages are ready to pounce upon peaceful the citizens of Nekhet. Did the Countess kill him in his sleep? Or did he finally cracked up and fled with the contents royal treasury?

Another brilliant and plot twisting weekend In the GoT server.

To find out more come and join our Discord channel, read through our exentive lore guides and have a look at the excellent character back stories.

Scared citiziens of barony have reasons to look to the future with worry, while other powers are already rising on the horizon. Mysterious bloodied bodies are being found hanging from trees, shadows of masked assasins and thiefs prowl the night.

Ah so many new players are joining and finding out why GoT is one of the most mature and sophisticated RP servers around. Join our discord to find out.

Town of Nekhet, abandoned by all it’s former protectors, has now new reasons to worry. Shrines dedicated to the ancient serpent blossom all over the place, a sassy challenge to the temple of Mitra nearby. And fortress of Ravenhold, former vassal to barony, suffered Night of the long knives, all its former inhabittants getting killed or scattered to four winds by their former mercenaries.