GAME OF THRALLS Season 5 - NEW SERVER 17th August 2018


Fort Wolfguard - new power in the exiled lands, emerging from former Ravenhold, has already started with imposing it’s will upon surrounding lands, while the town of Nekhets is being unavoidably dragged into civil war among Mitreans and the cult of snake.
A new year, according to the calendar of our server, has come.
Who will survive 'till the end of it’s first moon, and who will be burying dead friends?


The community and players story building has been amazing this season. So many twists and turns; the rise and fall of powers. Who currently can challenge the power of the Wolfguard kingdom? With the desolation of the Barony will there be anywhere safe for the civilised folk?

Well come Join our Discord Chanel and read the character stories, look over our guides and lore.

All RP players are welcome.


Town of Nekhet died out, the inner war among Mitreans and Setites caused all the surviving inhabitants to scatter around the exiled lands, seeking refuge. Fort Wolfguard seemingly stands proud, despite resistance growing all around, and fighting that erupted in the self proclaimed royal pair. North is full of smaller new forts, castles and hunting lodges, and jungle hosts a number of settlements too. Come join us for the perfect RP experience.


So the hunt is on for the Baron. Who is brave enough to claim his head and the massive reward offered.


War rages on in the North! The third assault upon Eagle’s Nest had been weathered! Casualties on both sides! No bounty has been claimed! And now a dragonpowder dusted letter declaring war on all?

Why is this War continuing? What’s going to happen next? Join our server to find out more!


So the great kingdoms have fallen; the siege of the eagles nest failed and many new deaths. The wheels of fate never stop as this exiled land once more shows how cold and uncaring it truly is.

Please come join our discord Chanel and look at the players stories, our detailed lore section and put in an application to join.

GoT is the best lore derailed, mature player lead servers currently running

Cone join in the fabulousness.


Raven fly out to all corners of the exiled lands with news; the Baron is dead; choking to death on the poisonous gas of the shattered spring; his sworn energy watching in glee has he chokes. What will happen now to his treasures in the eagles nest?

The citisens of the oasis start the slow rebuilding and new arrivals are making new of the old town to reestablish a hint of civility in these harsh land. Let’s hope the new masters can keep them safe.

Whispers of the death of the king of the north are arriving but have not been co firmed and whispers of a new evil around the lands, who are this mysterious cult that seem to causing concern.

So again the wheel of the ages turn. Come join our fantastic server. Join our discord to read the back stories and lore. New player and old cone to the best season of GoT yet.


The final ruler of Wolfguard has fallen. Consumed by an infesting darkness deep within. Were dark magics at play? Or had her greed encompassed her mind? And what now, can the Oasis of Nekhet begin a path of peace and unity? Will the Temple of Yun remain steadfast in this harsh and unrelenting environment? How long before another rises to claim sovereign rule over the Exiled Lands?

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