Game offers thread

Post offers you come across that happens outside the big sales.

Unreal Gold free at for the next 23 hours.


Raiders of the broken planet Free to keep forever on steam + all 3 campaigns , must be downloaded before tomorrow though friday 25th may , only 48 hour giveaway :wink:


Steam tells me 2 days and a handful hour download time…still thanks^^ <3

Hacknet Deluxe Free on Humble Bundle 20 HOURS left to grab it :slight_smile:

Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate Edition FREE on steam until 27th May :slight_smile:

Ziggurat free on gog for 20 more hours

“For Honour” free on Ubisoft for a limited time, must have a uplay account :wink:

Layers of fear Free for a limited time on steam :slight_smile:

Free for who knows how long. Don’t know how good the game is, but it has a $2 DLC named Saucy Sausage Fest, so it can’t be all bad.

No longer free.

Free until the 23rd at 17:00 GMT.

No longer free.

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Not just a PUBG clone, but a PUBG parody. Somebody might be interested in that…

Free until July 2nd. Still free. Don’t know how long.


Doesn’t say how long it’s free. Apparently the full story (all episodes combined into one game) will be on 40% sale “in the next two weeks” or so it says.

EDIT: Played through this one. The point-and-click adventure genre is sadly neglected these days, but this is one stellar example of why they shouldn’t be. I only played the Prologue (which is included) and Episode 1 and I’m definitely picking up future episodes. It was short, but it was very well written and most of the puzzles were intuitive. There was very little “rub items against each other until something happens” going on here.

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I don’t know why the Steam boilerplate isn’t showing up for the above post, but let’s try this one.

The complete game is on sale as promised above. 40% off until August 9th.

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Free fior another 1-2 days:

Free while supplies last.

Warhammer 40k: Spess Muhrine free on Humble.

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Finally a chance to get this game…I bought a hardcopy once but they forgot the code in it -.-

Well not a traditional game offer, I have a spare copy of Darksiders 2 Deathfinitive Edition I got with humble monthly. If someone wants it, send me a PM.



Free for a day.

Fixed thanks Licantus

Well sorta. Its being a butt so I had to break up the link.