Game offers thread

Metro 2033 free on steam for 24 hours:

If you don’t see the lin…steam is being dumb. Google helps.

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Free until Oct 29.

Murderous Pursuits

Edit: Looks like steam in addition to hiding their free games does not let you easily link them to others. Remove the space from the link when you copy/paste

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Free until Dec 10.

And we have a double bonus today folks:

On GoG we have Full Throttle Remastered

And on Humble we have LEGO: The Hobbit

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Free until Dec. 19

1 Like Free Subnautica and then Super Meat Boy after that.

Not 100% sure what you were trying to link, but I’m guessing it was “Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion” on Steam which is free till the 19th.

Does it not show up? Looks fine on my end.

But yeah, that was the one.

Huh, that is weird. When I came to the thread earlier, the link wasn’t there, just some odd text. Now it is working just fine.

Subnautica free on epic games & more Free games every 2 weeks through the whole of 2019 , all you need to do is make an epic games account & download their launcher & download the game, this is a great game & it seems epic games is trying to forge a place within the market for themselves by attracting people with free games, what you waiting for? go get yah game , subnautica is awesome & it’s totally free & bound to your account forever!! enjoy folks & merry merry christmas to yah all :wink:

SOMA is currently free on GOG.


So hattrick here:
Humble bundle has deponia the complete edition (first 3 games of the series)

GoG has Destraint:
Epic launcher has the jackbox party pack:

Morrowind is free, today only.
(Though try claiming it later, after Bethesda’s servers stop crapping themselves).

EDIT: Seems to be working now.

Assassins Creed Unity Free on Ubisoft which features The grand cathedral that was “Notre Dame” Ubisoft are showing their support by donating 500,000 euros & giving the rest of us the game for free Enjoy :crazy_face:


Free copy of The Sims 4 on Origin (account required).

As far as I can tell, you can’t get it free yourself, you can only gift it to another player for free… That is a weird way of doing it.

Nah, I got it for myself fine with ‘Get It Free’ button. Though I asked google and someone says some people have problems claiming it with client but have none with site. Only problem I had is their system is too sublime to say me I’m trying to recover password using wrong email. :unamused:

Sure enough. I was trying to do it through the client. Website worked just fine.