Game official servers

I recommend avoiding the official servers because they just suck. Have played 3 nights now just to get a T4 armor maker, nothing just nothing, whether it’s Isle of Siptah or the old map 0.01 chance of getting one haha I’m laughing my ass off . Just as it is a lie that enemies come back every 10 minutes, you have to wait 15 minutes for new ones to come. Well, that’s enough for me, I’ll get my own server and would rather give money to g-portal than give a cent to Funcom. Let alone what other errors the game has, which I don’t want to name all of them because the game is almost 10 years old or already over it, which I don’t care either

k! enjoy your private server! :slight_smile:

Nothing to see here, just saltiness and toxicity. Move along.

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